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As a student, anything that can help improve my cognitive functions is always welcome. Ginkgo biloba was one of the first ever herbs I learnt about, and it had not failed to impressed, provided I found a good brand.


I needed a supplement in capsule form, as I find my stomach is a bit too sensitive to tablets since tablets tend to have a higher potency in one hit. I am also very big on recycling, and so I was recommended a company who take recycling very seriously; Viridian.

Viridians Ginkgo biloba comes in a 60 capsule bottle for £13.25 in most independent health food stores. Per capsule contains ‘Standardised Ginkgo biloba leaf extract’, equivalent to 3300mg of whole leaf. When taking Ginkgo for the first time, you will want to take between 6000mg and 7000mg per day, so in this case you will want to take two capsules per day.

For 1 month I was taking Viridian’s Ginkgo Biloba, and the first positive effect I had noticed was the improvement to my circulation. My feet tend to go quite numb, especially while sitting in a car, so it was very refreshing not having to wait for feeling to come back after sitting for too long.


It is just two tablets a day in the morning, and with a veggie capsule, makes it available to everyone. I sometimes like to open my supplement capsules and pop the powder into my morning smoothie, so there is the option of doing this for anyone who struggles to digest or swallow capsules. Within 2 weeks, the feeling in my feet had noticeably improved. Definitely a fantastic start!

As a student, I need to be focused and have a sharp memory, and so improving blood flow to the brain is essential. By the end of the month’s supply of Ginkgo Biloba, there was no question of whether my circulation had improved; however, I felt my cognitive functions had only improved slightly. I found myself feeling slightly more focused in the mornings, making it much easier to get started with my work, but this didn’t necessarily continue throughout the day. This was a great start however, and not that surprising since it had only been 1 month. From my experience with herbal supplements, patience is a virtue, and so I would like to continue with this product for a few more months to really feel the benefits. Overall I am very pleased with the results I have seen so far, and would highly recommend this product.

Also, something to be aware of with Viridian supplements, is that the empty supplement bottle can be returned to the health store that you purchased it from for 25p back. This is to make sure the bottle is fully recycled, a fantastic idea!


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  • Hmm thats intersting to here bout ur circulation. I take fish oil to help me but I wood also lik to help my memry. Do you no were I can buy this, I’d lik to try new things. Thnx

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