Barley Cup Review

Now I am no stranger to caffeine, but I do have my days where I wonder if I have had far too much. I love my cup of tea in the morning and another with my lunch, then a coffee treat after work, and maybe another when I get home. Truth is other caffinated beverages make it into the day, and it can reek havoc with my sleep pattern. As the months get colder it is more likely that we will all turn to hot teas and coffees to keep us feeling warm and relaxed, taking a trip or 10 to starbucks for something hot and caffinated!

After deciding to reduce my caffeine intake, I went on the hunt for a nice coffee alternative. I love my herbal teas, but sometimes I’m not feeling anything sweet and fruity, or I’m looking for something with a bit more flavour. That’s where Barley Cup comes in! It smells just like freshly brewed coffee, I could just sit and smell it all day! It has a mild flavour, without the bitter taste you find with coffee. It has a slight nutty taste and as my mother described it, ‘it’s very smooth and great to relax with in the evenings’. I usually drink mine black, but you can add milk and/or honey if you prefer. This is definitely my go to drink in the evenings, taking me away from something that is either full of caffeine or full of sugar!


Barley Cup is made from barley, rye and chicory, and it may surprise you to find that it is gluten free. Most people may be aware that barley and rye naturally contain gluten, however, taking the raw ingredients and extracting the liquid so that you have separated the water-soluble products from the non-soluble products, means the gluten will only be found in the non-soluble part of the rye and barley. The liquid is therefore gluten free. This liquid is then dried and used to make the powder that goes into Barley Cup.

I’ve worked in health retailers for years who sell this, and it wasn’t strange to see customers stocking up. Which was impressive because the jars are pretty large! I think this could either replace your morning coffee if you’re really are trying to cut back, or it can make a nice addition to your lunch break if you feel that 1 tea/coffee just isn’t enough. Maybe you could just save a nice hot mug of Barley Cup for the evenings when you’re trying to wind down.

For the organic lovers out there, Barley Cup offer an organic option, with all the same rich and delicious flavours found in the non-organic range. You can find Barley Cup in plenty of health food stores and Holland and Barrett. Failing that, you can shop online and have it sent straight to your door! Check out Barley Cup’s website for more information. Keep warm this winter!


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