A’kin Rosehip Oil Review

This has been my breakthrough skin care product for the last two months! After my acne-prone teenage years, my skin was definitely needed some TLC, and so, along came A’kin’s rosehip oil. After trying a mix of A’kin products, I had definitely been won over by the company, and so after being told that this was the best rosehip oil out there, I just had to try it!

Rosehip oil is high in our essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which acts as a natural moisturiser that can give life to dry and worn out skin. Omega 3 is also a great anti-inflammatory, and so can help reduce to redness and swelling in a rash or in blemishes.

Usually I am very wary of using oils on my face, as in the past I had found that oil based skin care products just caused my skin to become overly greasy and blemish-prone. However, this was many years ago, back when I would buy the cheapest products I could get my hands on!

So, I had a week off from work, at which point I planned on recharging my batteries. This seemed the perfect time to try out the product and if it were going to cause my skin to become red and blotchy, I would know very soon.


After washing my face in the morning and in the evening, I would apply just a few drops of the rosehip oil to my face. At first it felt so greasy, and I was a tad worried that my skin was just not going to agree with it. I persevered and massaged the oil into my skin. Worryingly my skin appeared red and blotchy almost instantly, however, after letting the oil settle into my skin, the redness faded, and I was left with such soft skin. I didn’t feel I needed to put any moisturiser at all, which is very strange for me, as my skin can become so horribly dry!

The next morning after applying the rosehip oil for the first time, my skin felt glowing. My face felt so soft and clean, with no sign of blocked pours. This definitely gave my high hopes for how my skin would look over the coming months. My main goal was to try and heal to damage that had been done to my skin during my teenage years, and I knew this was going to take a lot longer than just one evening.

The next test was how easily could I apply my make-up after using the rosehip oil in the morning. I left half an hour before applying any make-up, by which point my skin just felt soft. My make-up would just glide across my skin. Usually I would need to take a lot of care applying my make-up as my skin can get so dry, I would need to wash it all off and start again.

After one month, the scaring on my face had massively faded. It was quite shocking, as I had tried so many creams and lotions in the past, and nothing seemed to help at all. My friends would point out to me that my skin looked so healthy. Looking so fresh and healthy on the outside definitely brightened my day.

After two months, I felt like almost like brand-new! My skin was almost completely scar free, with no sign of blemishes or outbreaks. By now so many people around me have commented on how bright my skin is looking. My skin doesn’t dry out and peel like it used to, it feels as if the rosehip oil locks the moisture in my skin. I am so happy with the results!

Really, I suppose the downside is how red and blotchy your skin can appear when first applying the rosehip oil. It perhaps is not something you would want to use if you are in a hurry to get out of the house.

Since my skin is quite dry, I would say to anyone with oily skin to perhaps add a few drops of rosehip oil into their moisturiser rather than putting it on straight.

Using 3-4 drops, both morning and night, this 23ml bottle has lasted me just over two months. I’ve found this wonderful little product in most independent health food stores, as well in Holland and Barrett and on www.amazon.co.uk.

I can’t rate this product high enough!

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  • Iam so glad to here that u can put this on ur face and not hav problem wit breakouts. I do not like creams to heavy, so I want oil face products. Will look for this. Merci :* xx

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