Skin Rejuvenating Red Pepper, Cherry & Carrot juice

I’ve not had my juicer for very long, but it is now already my favourite kitchen appliance! I love that I can make sure no fruit or vegetables in my kitchen will go to waste! Now onto this recipe. I love to snack on red peppers, and I’ve been teased many times for buying one single red pepper and eating it as it is. They are so juicy and so full of vitamin C that I just can’t say no! When I was given my juicer for my birthday, the first thing I wanted to make was a red pepper juice. On its own it has a subtle flavour, then with the added sweetness from the cherries and the carrots, it is just perfect! The flavours are not too over powering, which I find is the case with some juices.


Now onto the health benefits. Red peppers are incredibly rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, more so than orange, yellow and green peppers. Carrots are also rich in vitamin A, and cherries are full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production, which is what gives your skin its elasticity. Vitamin C levels can start to deplete when you are exposed to pollution, UV rays and cigarette smoke, which can in turn lead to dry and damaged skin. Keeping your vitamin C levels up is essential for healthy skin. Vitamin A may be better known as the eye vitamin, but it also plays a role in skin health. Vitamin A can help to prevent acne by inhibiting sebaceous gland activity. A lack of vitamin A can cause your skin to dry out, leaving a scaly texture. Finally those great free radical tackling antioxidants will give your skin a good cleanse. Toxins can build up in our bodies over time, and it is common that they appear as breakouts or blemishes in our skin. Flushing out all the toxins in our bodies will leave your skin glowing and healthy, and why wouldn’t you want that? This is a great little skin remedy.

Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 2 red peppers
  • 2 large carrots
  • 15 cherries

Tasty Cherries

First remove the stem and core from the red peppers, and then cut out the stones from the cherries. Place all ingredients into your juicer and there you have it! If you don’t have a juicer but you do have a blender, investing in a jelly strainer/muslin square is a great way to get juice without a juicer. Just blender all of the ingredients, and pour the mixture into a bowl through the jelly strainer/muslin square and squeeze out the juice. Enjoy!


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