Apricot Jam

I always loved my jam sandwiches when I was little, but the sugar content in jam is so ridiculously high, that I can never justify eating it. Apricot jam was always my favourite, and so testing out this recipe has been very exciting! After talking to other people who make their own jam, I still wasn’t convinced that making my own was going to be any better than what I could buy in a supermarket. It seemed that so much sugar and pectin needed to go into making jam, that I didn’t think there was much point. I decided one morning that I would at least try and see what I could make without using lots of refined sugar, butter and pectin. I am so happy with how this recipe has turned out, it tastes so fruity like a puree, but with the texture of a jam! It’s been such a treat eating jam again, I hope you love it too!


Ingredients (Makes 1 jar)

  • 200g of apricots (approximately 5 small apricots)
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 100ml of agave nectar


Pit and chop your apricots into small chunks, and add to a saucepan. Next add the agave nectar and the lemon juice and bring to the boil. Once boiling, simmer for 15 minutes, while occasionally stirring to make sure the jam does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Be careful after 15 minutes as the mixture can burn very quickly. The apricots will eventually fall apart in the pan, so there is no need to puree them before hand, but you can do this if you would like.


Have a sterilised jar ready, and remove the pan from the heat. Carefully scoop the jam into your glass jar, and make sure the lid is kept on tight. Give the jam a couple of hours to cool down before storing in the fridge. This will make approximately 200g of jam. This will keep for up to 2 weeks.


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