Organic September

So we are part way through organic September and my cupboard is full of organic goodies from big retailers such as Sainsburys, to small independent health shops such as As Nature Intended. If you are not already aware, organic September is part of the Soil Association’s “small changes, big differences” campaign. This has replaced by the more well known campaign “organic fortnight”. This new campaign is designed to promote all things organic, from groceries to make-up. You could take part by just replacing 1 item from your household to an organic option. This may be a box of English breakfast tea, maybe a new shampoo, or even organic cotton t-shirts. Which ever you choose, you will be contributing to changes for the better in sustainable food, animal welfare and the environment.


Going organic on products such as meat, milk and eggs makes the biggest difference to the lives of farm animals. All organic animal based products are free-range and come from animals that are living in conditions that encourage natural behaviour. Not only this, these animals are not given hormones to encourage growth or milk production, and so your food will also not contain any of these hormones. Clean eating can help avoid health problems later in life due to the absence of excess hormones and anti-biotics.



If you are a nature lover and want to see our beautiful earth stay green and luscious, choosing organic fruit and vegetables is a way to do that. Nowadays soil is plagued with pesticides, preservatives and other chemicals to kill off bacteria, promote fast growth, alter colour and appearance and to increase shelf life. While on the surface this does not seem like such a big deal, but the food, flowers and weeds that are produced from this soil then becomes food for animals and insects. An example of the negative effects of this is how is affects bees. Bees are important in the pollination of many food crops, but are now at risk from the effects of the pesticides, which in turn will affect the crops that are reliant on pollination. This will then lead farmers to take more action to help grow their crops, in the form of more chemicals. Put simply, it’s a vicious cycle.


At the moment retailers all over the country are offering great organic products at great prices, and there is always a great selection to choose from. My recommendation would be to choose organic tomatoes. Organic tomatoes are incredibly juicy and sweet and are so much better in taste than regular tomatoes, and I have never looked back! Perhaps you are already buying products from your favourite brands such as Heinz or Meridian, in this case, you could switch over to their organic options. If not, this could be a chance to discover brands that are new to you, and who knows, you could find a new favourite.



So if you are keen to make a change to your own health, the welfare of animals and the preservation of our environment, get involved and choose organic for September, it’s not too late. For more details, offers and ideas on organic September, why not head over to the Soil Association’s website?

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