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What a great weekend it has been! To have some of my favourite brands and an endless supply of samples all in one place! So where to start? Okay, so it wasn’t just the Allergy and Free From Show being held in Olympia, you also had the Love Natural Love Organic Show, and the Just V Show. 3 great shows all under one roof, and so there was definitely something for everyone, whether you are looking for gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, vegan, organic or plant based, you will find something to suit your diet. I personally couldn’t get enough of Doves Farm flours and grains, and Tiana’s coconut range! If you weren’t already aware, I love to bake, so my imagination was going wild with all of the possibilities! Everything from coconut syrup, to wholemeal teff flour was available.



So the first stand that I made my way to was Nakd, and what a treat that was! They offered samples of their whole range, including some great new treats that I have never seen before. My particular favourite was the rhubarb & custard bar, followed closely by the banana crunch bar. This definitely was a great start to the day! Next I made my way to the Nairns stand to try their gluten free crackers. If there is ever a gluten free snack you need to try, it is their gluten free wholegrain crackers! They were so delicious; I had to do my best to not eat the whole sample bowl! Made with tasty wholegrain oats, they are packed full of B vitamins to give you a great energy boost, as well as lots of fibre to keep your digestive system healthy.


Perhaps though, gluten free is not what you’re looking for, maybe you want dairy free? Or maybe gluten and dairy free? There were plenty of cakes, cookies, muffins, and biscuits to choose from, all made up of gluten free flours, dairy free milks and even sugar free alternatives. It is quite amazing to see all the great tasty recipes that have been put together so that everyone can enjoy their food. This is the same journey that I am on, making sure good food is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, with simple healthy ingredients.

One great little surprise during my visit was the ice cream samples generously being given out by Dream! Ice-cream made from delicious almond milk, what else could be better? It was so creamy and full of taste, and in this hot weather, it was just perfect! This is one to look out for in the shops, as well as their dairy free milk range. Rice milk is actually my favourite milk to just drink on its own. It is naturally sweet, and so you can enjoy a sweetened beverage without having to add any sort of sweetener.


Now the show didn’t just offer great food, but also great cosmetics. I am very particular about what I put on my skin, as well as how the cosmetics and toiletries I use were tested and produced. If you are the same, and only use products that are clean and have never once been tested on animals, then there are plenty of brands to choose from. For me personally I couldn’t get enough of the amazing smells that came from Pacifica. They have a fantastic range of perfumes, candles, diffusers and body lotions, all cruelty free, natural, vegan and gluten free. I currently use the blood orange roll-on perfume, and it is my favourite perfume of all time! Such a sweet smell of oranges, and no smell of chemicals! You can find their range in all good health food stores, Holland and Barrett, and of course from their lovely website.


So despite thinking I had everything covered, I stumbled across a company that I have been a fan of from the beginning! Together Health! They focus on supplements that use only the cleanest ingredients, as well as using gelatine free capsules. My personal favourite would have to be their omega 3 supplements, which is entirely plant-based! It was great to see a company at the show that could really inform visitors on the benefits of health supplements, this is a great company to look out for!

Finally, if walking around Olympia leaves your feet feeling pretty tired, taking a seat at one of the many demonstrations is a good way to relax! I love to watch chefs in action, and Sainsbury’s did not disappoint. Watching sweet potatoes turn into ice-cream was definitely a highlight for me, and even better was when I got the chance to taste it! Now naturally by this point I was pretty full from filling up on endless samples, but I always found room to try something new. My advice, show up hungry!

So overall, it really is a fantastic event! The atmosphere is great, the companies are friendly, the food is delicious and the samples are endless! What more could you want? Make sure you visit the show next year, you’ll be so happy that you did.


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