Hello, my name is Kimberley and this is a health matter. I’ve been working in the health industry for 7 years now, which started in a nice little health food shop named ‘As Nature Intended’. It was here that a developed a love for healthy foods and healthy lifestyles. From the beginning I was spending my spare time reading books on everything from gluten intolerance to Ayurvedic remedies. I was totally hooked and always wanted to learn more. I spent some time studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), but actually found that the best learning experience I had was from the customers I would talk to at work everyday. Sharing tips and ideas, and suggesting great books to read was fantastic, there was never a dull day.

After building all of this experience, it was suggested to me that I should write down all of my ideas, advice, recipes etc.. So here I am. I love to be creative in the kitchen, seeing what recipes I can put together that have great health benefits. I hope to built up a fantastic selection of medicinal and healthy recipes!

As a child and a teenager I suffered badly from PMS. I could bleed for a month straight, with no signs of stopping. This left me feeling so tired and agitated. My doctor would only ever offer me the contraceptive pill to help calm things down, but this just brought in more problems. Upon discovering herbal remedies, I decided to investigate my symptoms and find out if there was a natural way of fixing my problem. Within 3 months of a big diet change and taking the herbal remedy ‘Shatavi’, I felt like a brand new person! I felt so alive, and since then, have never looked back!

I have tried many different diet plans over the years, from┬áveganism to a raw food diet. After lots of experimenting, I found I needed to make a diet that was specially tailored to suit my needs and my lifestyle. I am not strictly gluten free, as I love couscous and feel absolutely fine after it. However I will avoid gluten if the opportunity arises, since I can feel really uncomfortable after eating bread or wheat pasta. My journey to find a diet that is completely suited to me is still ongoing, and so this could change. I feel at my best when dairy is completely removed from my diet, and so I am a big fan of making dairy free foods!! You’ll never find any dairy products in my recipes. I am not vegan as I do enjoy baking with honey and I also eat fish, but I also eat a lot of plant based food that uses maple syrup instead of honey.

Overall I find it more exciting to experiment cooking with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and I’m also not particularly good at cooking meat or fish, so I leave that to my partner. I want to share with you all of the fun things that a make in my kitchen, and the more people that can be included in that, the better!